Environmental Support Services

Fuel and petro-chemical industries have the potential to cause damaging pollution that poses a serious threat to humans and the natural environment. ​

Complete Petro-Chem takes a proactive approach by working with our clients to avoid pollution in the first instance by designing environmentally responsible and workable Plans and by specifying and using environmentally safe equipment and operating procedures.

Our Environmental Services Include

  • Environmental Protection Planning​
  • SEPP 33 Planning​
  • Site investigations​
  • Remediation Action, Planning and Validation​
  • Ground Water Monitor Well System design, installation  and ongoing monitoring​
  • Dangerous Goods storage and management audits and consulting​
  • Site remediation and project management​
  • Statistical Inventory Reconciliation Analysis (SIRA)​

Environmental Management Planning, in compliance with each of the National, State and Local Regulations and Policies, is a prerequisite and an ongoing responsibility for all Operators of Underground and Above Ground fuel storage systems.

Old Steel tanks, decommissioned, pumped out and degassed, removed from ground and prepared for legal transport for destruction. Excavation sampled, Lab checked and cleared of potential contamination.